Membership Application

Membership Application & Agreement


The member acknowledges the existence of the need for certain rules and by-laws concerning the use of the facilities and the member undertakes to read those rules and by-laws provided to the member by The Energizer and agrees to be bound by those rules and by-laws. The member further acknowledges the existence of the risk inherent in any exercise activity. The member has not misrepresented or withheld information that relates to his or her physical capacity or health. In agreeing to use the facilities, the member accepts all responsibility and waives any legal recourse against The Energizer Health and Fitness Club, TELUS Communications Inc., and its affiliated companies and their employees, agents, volunteers and contractors from any and all claims resulting from property damage or personal injuries sustained or death resulting from inappropriate use of the facilities. The member also acknowledges that the use of The Energizer is not covered by Worker’s Compensation. This waiver shall be binding upon the member’s heirs and personal representatives.

  • This membership application and agreement are non-transferable. I shall not be released from my financial obligations to The Energizer should I cease to use the facilities provided;
  • The membership fee is $30 per month with a minimum term of four (4) months. I will pay by pre-authorized bank withdrawal on a month-by-month basis;
  • An administrative fee of $30 (cheque, or e-transfer) is due at the time of sign-up (please note this is not a deposit). No refunds;
  • If paying by pre-authorized withdrawal, you may terminate your membership at the end of any month with fifteen (15) days written notice; however, a penalty of $30 will apply if the membership is terminated in less than four (4) months;
  • The membership fees can be increased with sixty (60) days written notice by club website, posted on a club announcement board, and to the member’s contact information as last recorded;
  • The Energizer closes in December for annual maintenance and cleaning. There is no compensation for membership during this closure;
  • The Energizer may contact me with updates and information about my membership, the facility, and related programs and services;
  • Waiver: The facilities and exercise programs offered by The Energizer have been designed to provide beneficial exercise and enjoyment without compromising the health or safety of the members who use the facilities. The Energizer requires the assistance of all members to ensure that the facilities and equipment are used in a proper manner so as to minimize the risk of injury. This can be achieved by the members’ thoughtful and cautious use of the premises and the equipment. Personal Training or Instruction is not permitted amongst fellow members. Any Personal Training and Instruction may only be done by Instructors/Trainers approved by management. Failure to abide by this may result in revoking my membership;
  • The Energizer will provide an individual access key fob. I will be responsible for the replacement cost of $30 if I lose, misplace, or damage the key fob.
  • You are aware that upon the termination of your membership, you shall return the key fob to The Energizer.
  • I have read, understand, signed and agree to abide by the Members Code of Conduct. Failing to do so will result in a suspension or termination of my membership.
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Summer Student Membership Special

Get fit for summer!

If you’re a summer student employed in ATB Place you are eligible for a membership (3 months for $120 & 4 months for $150). Stop by for a tour between 10:00am-2:00pm, Monday-Friday.

Membership Membership Includes:

  • Group Fitness Programs (KUNG FU, TABATA, YOGA, SPIN, CARDIO & STRENGTH)
  • Weight machines, cardio machines
  • Complimentary personal amenities
  • Personal training services (free consultation)
  • Locker rentals

Our address is at the bottom of every page and to find us on the map here are some directions if you need them.

For more information email us today!

We’re beyond excited to see you person soon!