Restrictions Exemption Program

September 19th, 2021 / General

Energizer Members,

You, our members, are the ones who make the Energizer what it is. We are a community that has always – and will always – support one another’s health and wellness. You are of the utmost importance to us and we want to assure you that your safety and wellbeing are our top priorities.

With the recent announcement by the Alberta Government the Energizer Board of Directors and management have made the decision to align with the Government and implement the Restrictions Exemption Program and keep the Energizer doors open.

What does this mean?

Because we are complying and implementing the Restrictions Exemption Program we are able to continue to operate as usual. A member who:

  • Has proof of vaccination – September 20, 2021 proof of a single dose is acceptable and then a double dose starting October 25, 2021; or
  • Has documentation of a medical exemption.

Starting September 20, 2021, ALL Energizer members’ fobs will be deactivated. Once your proof of vaccination information is provided your fob will be activated.

What do our members need to do?

  • If you’re vaccinated, please email your proof of vaccination.
  • If you’re exempt, please email your documentation of exemption to

No personal health information will be retained by the Energizer other than an indication of vaccine status. All information will be kept in confidence. Help us keep our doors open.

Energizer Board of Directors and Management



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